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Can viral marketing help with community development?

Well, if this blog post goes viral :-)!

Vive Group is proud to announce our support of the Compassion Leadership Development Program (LDP). Since Jan 2012 we have had the privilege of sponsoring Hellen Namudiira, a Ugandan student, to undertake a 3-year university degree in Development Studies.

Hellen Namudiira

Hellen Namudiira

You may have heard about Uganda recently following the incredibly effective viral marketing YouTube campaign known as ‘KONY 2012’.

‘KONY 2012’ highlights the power of social media in our society today. With such a campaign we saw both pros and cons to going viral, so you should be aware of the potential advantages, as well as the risks.

Kony 2012

‘Kony 2012’ travelled quickly from the internet to the streets.

Effective viral marketing results in a lot of people hearing about your idea or advertisement. Of course this can be great, but be aware that when something enters the public spotlight this can also attract attention from those who oppose the topic. So be careful and vigilant when seeking extreme exposure!

To find out more about the Compassion Leadership Development Program, click here to watch an inspiring Compassion video. The LDP provides young disadvantaged people all over the world with the opportunity of becoming future leaders through educational, moral, spiritual and financial support.

Compassion International

Compassion International

By Chen Tan, Vive Group


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