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What is Old is New Again

In our society today, we see plenty of reworking and reinventions of previous styles and design that had once made its mark in history. One only needs to walk down the busy streets of Melbourne’s CBD to be surrounded by people adorning fashion trends that were once a major thing of the past.

Mod-like attires back in the ol’ Twiggy-days are now making a comeback.

Sunglasses? The bigger the better.

And as far as I remember, shoulder-pads have never really gone out of season, but were rather mixed-and-matched with varying styles.

Like it or not, vintage is the new modern.

Another iconic example would be the Louvre museum in Paris. The contemporary design of the glass pyramid is a stark contrast to that long stretch of “antiqueness” in its background.

But in some magical way, these two elements complement each other so well in creating such a stunning and remarkable architectural masterpiece.


Similarly with our new Vive Group office, we aspired to build on characters of the past and to make our mark on the future. We wanted to recreate something that is able to describe our company culture, values, and philosophy, all within a captivating space.

What brought about this inspiration was the idea of creating this notion:

“What is old is new again”. 

To put it simply, it is about the concept of renewal. Building upon a commonplace and pushing boundaries to achieve extraordinary results.

Creativity and innovation are at the forefront of what we do here at Vive Group, and we wish to bring these elements into our working environment.

We strive to put our words into action by incorporating one of our core values of environmental sustainability into the renovation and construction of our new office.

Vive Group Office Renovation

We specifically selected materials and finishes made with low emission-manufacturing techniques and energy-saving capabilities. All this, coupled with the latest environmental-sensitive design (ESD) features ensure that our new office is effectively a 7-star building and fit-out.

One of our key goals was to retain as much of the existing building’s key elements, not only as a way of respecting its authenticity but also to minimise wastage. For instance, demolishing would have been more of a cost-effective option, but instead we chose the more resourceful alternative of recycling the bricks and reinforcing existing brickwork.

Vive Group Office Renovation

Vive Group’s office is notably a live representation of what we do best: creation and innovation.

We’ve layered upon the existing character of the property with state-of-the-art design and fresh interior styling. By echoing the characters of the past, we strive to produce a brilliant mix of the old and the new, breathing new life for 27 High Street, Glen Iris.

Vive Group will relocate to their new office mid April 2013. Speaking of relocating, our blog will also move to http://blog.vivegroup.com.au!

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